Midge Proof Mesh – Grafton Fly Screens

As the name suggests, Midge mesh is a product aimed at protecting you from the smallest of insects wanting to invade your home.

Midge mesh is made from durable 0.25mm diameter PVC coated fibreglass strands which are woven closer together than regular fly mesh at 18 x 30 strands per inch.

If you live in a tropical or subtropical coastal area that is prone to sandflies and midges then this product could be just what you need.

We can replace the insect mesh in your existing screens with midge mesh or make brand new insect screens with midge mesh already installed.


  • Standard Window up to 1150mm high x 1150mm wide – Supply and fit Midge Mesh: $35.00
  • Standard Door up to 2050mm high x 1150mm wide – Supply and fit Midge Mesh: $45.00

Midge mesh typically comes in 910mm and 1220mm wide rolls. Wider mesh (1800mm wide rolls) can be sourced but it does have a darker, slightly different look than the Midge mesh, mini weave product we regularly use.

Got any questions about midge mesh? Call Jeremy on 0422 504 910 or email via the contact page.